Wegmans Coupon Policy

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Wegmans’ Coupon Policy (Stores in New Jersey)


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We only double manufacturers’ coupons with a face value of $.99 or less with the following exceptions and limitations:

  • Coupons with a face value of $1.00 or greater will be redeemed at face value.
  • One manufacturers’ coupon per item for a SPECIFIC BRAND product.
  • Only FOUR(4) manufacturers’ coupons can be doubled on FOUR(4) of the same brand product per day.  Additional coupons for the same brand product will be redeemed at face value.
  • Only FOUR(4) manufacturers’ coupons for free products can be redeemed per day (excluding Internet coupons).
  • The double or face value of a coupon may NOT exceed the retail price.
  • One manufacturers’ coupon and Shoppers Club discount or store coupon may be redeemed on the same item.  The combination of a manufacturers’ coupon and a Shoppers Club discount/store coupon may not exceed the retail price.
  • One manufacturers’ coupon may be redeemed for each Club Pack product.
  • We cannot give you a raincheck for manufacturers’ coupons.
  • We do not accept manufacturers’ coupons for free products downloaded from the Internet – where the word FREE appears on the coupon.  See below for more information regarding Internet coupons.

Face Value Redemption For… 

  • Alcohol coupons*
  • Coupons not for a specific brand name item
  • Rebate/refund certificates
  • Free item coupons (excluding Internet coupons)

*Alcohol coupons are not accepted in the states of Virginia & NJ.

Internet Coupons

We take internet coupons with only two restrictions.

  • FREE coupons are out, and the fine print, to minimize checker uncertainty, is that the word FREE can’t appear on the coupon.  This includes Buy One Get One Free offers.
  • The electronic coupon value (or the double value) may not exceed the value of the item being purchased; the same as for other coupons.

Additional Shoppers Club Notes

Discounts on certain items (marked by MFR) are supported by the manufacturer; we are required by law to charge sales tax on the manufacturer-sponsored portion of such offers.

Forgotten coupons and Shoppers Club discounts must be redeemed within two weeks of the original purchase date with original receipt.